Regulate your mind and body,
facing the richness of time.

TOYOKE is working to bring about a richer life through products and services. It provides retreats that help people live better lives through food and experiences. We also provide plant-based organic food with no meat or fish, which have a high environmental impact, as well as designing spaces such as spas.

We strive to provide products and services that are produced using processes with minimal environmental impact.
We engage in activities that promote not only physical and mental health but also social well-being.
We clearly communicate the origin and production process of our products.
for the mind and body
Vegan food
for alternative
ways of living.
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to provide
a quality retreat experiences
Spa facility development
PHOTO:Masanori Ikeda (YUKAI) / TADA (YUKAI) / Koichi Takagi (HOEDOWN)